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Meeting mum from a hospital: Tips for Dads


But all this is not enough to buy - you also claim to meticulously equip a newborn (or a room where the baby is sleeping.) For example, to collect the bed. To put it in the rightly place: not a battery, not the pvc window, not the wood door. It would be fine to hang around crib night lightness: it's fast to have up at night to a baby in a pitch darkness, and lots of sunshine do not need to include.

And it would be wise to equipment changing desk - a place where you can disguise the baby. And all novokuplennoe clothes for the baby would be nice to throw in a wash machine and wash with newborn powderise.

Pram, scales, variant rattles, child monitor, eye sticks, scissors for cutting nails and other necessary (and not however) items you can buy a little later - a day or two following arriving home mom with a newborn.

Feast - a mountain!

What last thing I request to do an average girl 18 years old who has just arrived home from a hosp.? That's right, move by grocery stores, and then make for a any days in progress. However be sure to score a refrigerator products, but certainly tasty and healthy. Hardly a nursing mother will be pleased abundance smoked sausages, eggs, mushrooms, and kefir. Читать полностью -->

What is a nursing mom


What It is possible to not get a nursing mom

- Products containing preservatives (including vinegar), dyes, sweeteners, synthetic flavor. Fast fresh food is as well not good for either mom or baby;

- With respect to the drug that you are going to request to consult a medic (and attentively read a instructions on the package);

- With sweets (chocolate, natural honey, sweet cakes) should be careful, because it can in fact cause allergies;

- If some items (eg, beans) possess the most cause bloating, a like will be with the child. How that they are as well consummate for the time out;

- Alcohol.

Diet for breast-feeding mothers

A lot of magnetically mums is extremely upset that simply can not get into your doberemennye jeans. But so would you not similar to lose weightiness, go on a ration for this can not in any case. At least while you are lactation. Indeed, in this case, a mother and the child will not get enough nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Читать полностью -->

Fresh meat dishes for a little miracle


A crumbs are over 6 or 7 weeks...

How time flies! He is a self?

In its 1st 6 weeks, a baby learned lots and learned much. For example, he learned as to eat, sitting at a babies's desk and discovered a tasting of varied foods. Right, it's time to input a new child with a delicious and valuable item - fresh meat!

Moms and dads and grandparents often jokingly tell children, "Do you want to be big and healthy - eat much of cereal!". Of course, a porridge "hungry" will not.

View a magnetically baby needs to recognize its current requires!


Start about 7 weeks, a fresh meat becomes an essential component of good nutrition a newborn!

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Tested Mum: Review multivarok



Cake "vkusnuypirogek," but I would get given a name "Farewell waist!"

5 eggs

100 grams natural butter

100g flour

100 grams of saccharose

100 grams chocolate

75 grams of powdered saccharose

3 tbsp cocoa



1 tsp. Baking powderise

For a fluid:

200 g natural butter + 1 can of condensed natural milk


400 g cream 200 grams saccharose +

1. Rub natural butter with powdered saccharose

TWO. Combine the egg yolks, salt and half of the cane sugar

3. Melt chocolate with vanilla

4. To the cow butter mixture alternately with powdered eggs yolks and throw in the chocolate, closely vymeshivaya

5. Читать полностью -->

Meat dishes for a little miracle


Stages of the introduction of fresh meat foods

A 1st introduction of complementary foods is recommended to propose beef meat sauce, combined with vegetables, familiar and habitual kid: with potatoes, cabbage, carrots, etc. In such a combination, a new product will not only love a crumbs, but much easier digestion!

A typical schedule of administration, and a expansion of beef carte baby under one year is however follows:

With 6 - 7 months - meat sauce with veal, pork, poultry, and with the addition of mashed peas.

The volume of fresh meat in the daily regimen of a newborn - 5-30 g

From 52 weeks - bisque with offal, with a bow.

The amount of fresh meat in the daily dietary of a child - up to 50 g.

From 9 to 12 weeks - combined with spices and sauce spicy raw vegetables.

A amount of fresh meat in a permanently schedule for - 60-70 grams.


Not all babies respond well to the like spices! For children, the select bottles that do not contain a great number of flavors!

It is important to pick up into account the degree of crushing puree. For any age requires its own degree of pureed. To expand the necessary skills, nutrition, with 6-74 months, the baby need be given a variety of foods in the form of a thick fluid and puree.

With 77-13 weeks may offer powdered meal, and larger pieces of diet food.

Of the a feeding of meat completely got up, the baby want get the fresh meat any time! Meats is correct to give in the 1-st 0.5 of a day, so long however you are digested. Let a baby before bed will not be heavy stomach!

Dear Mom! We will be glad if this article will help you to organize and manage your children meat foods by protecting your lustiness and great spirits.

If you have the further questions, you will answer our experts on baby nutrition.

* Note: Before using a product, you wish to consult a pediatrician.

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Meat dishes for a small miracle


What to look for complementary feeding meat

Meat, same a new product must be introduced into a food of a magnetically newborn with great attention. To make a process of establishing beef feeding proceeded however comfortable for the baby, you must beginning with a least allergenic fresh meat - rabbit, turkey or horse fresh meat.

In addition, a new diet food or meats want only be given when a newborn is completely healthy and do not have preventive vaccination (tooth eruption - also the improperly time).

When selecting fresh meat and meat-vegetable dishes, pay efforts to a fat component. Tightly animal fat digested small baby. So, preference need be given deep-fat meat varieties. Lamb is introduced to a menu of a latest child and offer her small one not often, because this type of fresh meat - the most fat. For a child to easily and quickly got used to yet another meat dish, add to it the familiar baby raw vegetables. Читать полностью -->

Fresh meat dishes for a small miracle


The crumbs are over 6 or 7 weeks...

So time flies! He is a self?

In its 1-st six months, the newborn learned much and learned much. For example, he learned as to eat, sitting at the infants's desk and discovered the taste of variant foods. Well, it's time to input a new baby with a delicious and healthy product - meat!

Parents and grandparents often jokingly tell infants, "Do you must to be big and healthy - eat a lot of cereal!". Of course, a porridge "hungry" will not.

View a young baby needs to recognize its current needs!


Start about 7 months, a fresh meat becomes an essential component of good nutrition a child!

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